"Aurora's Dilemma"

by Kat Caldwell

Will Aurora forfeit her home and love?
A historical novella prelude to Stepping Across the Desert
# Adventure
# Historical Fiction
# Romance
# Saga
# Victorian

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It’s 1827 and the Brayemore’s are planning a return to London as Algeria creeps closer to the brink of war. Aurora, the family’s maid, longs to go home to Spain with her fiancée, Julian, but they lack the money. Desperate to stay together, the couple come up with a way to reunite in England. When Lady Brayemore orders Aurora to stay in Algeria, however, the lovers struggle with the threat of separation. With political tensions mounting, Aurora and Julian are running out of options. As the rumors of a blockade loom, a wealthy socialite offers the young lovers an enticing plan, but it has a dark twist. She will get them on the last ship sailing for Spain if they kidnap the young Miss Rowena Brayemore. Is Aurora willing to forfeit her home and her love? Out of time and options, will Aurora choose honor and loyalty to the Brayemore’s? Or will she commit this dark deed to get home?